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About Us

In this day and time - if you can find it – ammo is overpriced and in limited quantity. A gun with no ammo is the same as no gun … you can’t hunt, shoot, or protect yourself & family, which totally threatens your Second Amendment rights.

AmmoDealz.com believes shooting for fun and protection are a basic Second Amendment right.

We believe making the ability to shoot affordably and having ammo readily accessible, supports and protects this basic right.

We sell all calibers of ammo, focusing on the most popular and hard to find. We ship it quickly!

We created a better method for you to access the ammo you choose and have fun doing it! Most participants find it entertaining and rewarding at the same time. It’s almost like playing a game with ammo as the prize.

We took the politics out of the price of your ammo. We swapped the “Old Economics” of supply + demand driving price to the “New Economics” of supply + demand + your opportunity to impact the end price = Bid Auction. We are the ONLY online ammo sales company doing it this way.

We believe working together to make this happen creates a win for all of us.

So, have fun and claim your chance to get the kind of ammo you want in the quantity you want at the price you want. That’s a huge win!